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Our beer of the month for October is Cashmere Hammer Nitro Rye Stout from 3 Sheeps Brewing Company, Sheboygan, Wis.  Here is what 3 Sheeps has to say about it:  “Cashmere Hammer drinks like the best darn milkshake you’ve ever had. It’s rich, creamy, packed with chocolatey goodness and an earthy spice that can only come from rye malt. And, as if that isn’t rare enough, this beer is nitrogenated, something shockingly few breweries in the country can do in a bottle. We spent 18 months in research and development building our double-secret bottling line to get that smooth, velvety mouthfeel that only nitrogen can impart”.  6.5% ABV.   Beer Advocate give it a “very good” score of 3.97/5 and Rate Beer gives it an overall score of 93.  Want to know more about nitro beer?  Here is a link to a great article in the State Journal - https://madison.com/wsj/entertainment/dining/beer/beer-baron-embrace-the-tiny-bubble-with-sheeps-nitro-cashmere/article_31a0ca8c-e77a-59d4-9eed-faf01d2a8281.html.  Available year round in 12 ounce bottles.



Written by regent_liquor on October 2nd, 2018