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WISCO DISCO.  A deep amber colored beer, with rich malt and hop flavors, brewed with a small amount of milk sugar (or lactose), this provides its smooth body, and makes it a perfect match to pair with your favorite cheeses.Wisco Disco is brewed with five different malts, and four giant hop additions, then cold conditioned (not pasteurized), leaving it naturally cloudy and refreshing. Beer Stats: OG: 1.048 – IBU: 47 – SRM: 13.3 – ABV: 5.1  Beer Advocate score 80.  Rate Beer overall rating of 86.

Stillmank Brewing is an independently owned Wisconsin family craft beer company located at 215 North Henry Street in Green Bay.  Stillmank is best known for Wisco Disco, a deep amber beer, with rich malt and hop flavors.

BEE’S KNEES.  A honey rye ale brewed with Wisconsin grown hops, malted barley and local honey.   Beer Stats: 28 IBU 5.1 SRM 5.3%ABV 1.048 OG.

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Written by regent_liquor on May 30th, 2015