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Check out the great prices as Regent Liquor features Svedka Vodka as our spirit of the month.  SVEDKA Vodka has been making its mark since it was first imported in 1998. It’s now the 2nd largest imported vodka and the #7 spirit brand in the United States.  SVEDKA Vodka: Award-winning vodka with a pure and crisp finish made from the finest spring water.  Continuous distillation creates ideal conditions for producing top-quality vodka. The “continuous” aspect of the distillation process ensures that ingredients are constantly moving so the winter wheat, yeast and water never stalls or pools. At the final stage in this distillation process, SVEDKA is run through high-performance purification columns.  Check out great Svedka Vodka recipes at






Written by regent_liquor on July 10th, 2018